Friday, July 16, 2010

Adventures in West Virginia

Two weeks ago, John and I headed to the other side of the country (or world, however you want to look at it :) to witness Sam and Valinda get married. What a blessing it was to be there for their special day.

It was a trip of firsts.

First time I traveled with my in-laws. And their moms. And probably the first time they'd taken pictures in an airplane. At least in awhile.)

First time our rental car broke down (basically).
Thank God for Fords saving the day. And thank God we didn't have to drive a Dodge Charger the whole trip. Seriously, who names a car a "Dodge Charger" anyway? The "g" sound is not a good one when overused 
... no offense if you have a charger...

First time I stepped foot in West Virginia. Holy moly it's greeeeeeen!!

First time I saw a school bus parked in the middle of grass. Cute idea!

First time Sam practiced getting married. That I know of.

First West Virginia rehearsal dinner. Which was very similar to rehearsal dinners in California. Except for the green scenery. And the fact that the address read "West Virginia."

the guys
the girls

the photographer

the beautiful bride's sweet brother and sisters

the grandma and best man

the grandma and mother of the groom

the far-away family

Mrs. McGovern squared (20 hours from this photo) aka my super fun SIL

bobo and me

First time I went to Cracker Barrel. Which I must say was pretty much like any other breakfast place, as far as the food goes, since I judge a breakfast place by their pancakes... until I found the gift shop. Then it was like Christmas. No really. I shopped with Christmas in mind.

First time to go to coffee with BIL. And a super cute coffee shop at that!

Many many adventures. Good adventures.
Lots of coffee.
Lots of food. (which is always a good thing)
Lots of family.
Lots of late nights.
Lots of smiles.

West Virginia is a pretty cool place.
I don't know if I could live somewhere that places higher value on Walmart than Target.
But other than that, it's pretty perfect.

Thanks for sharing your home with us, Valinda!

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