Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hubby's new job

Funny thing happened.

J ran for the HOA board.

And won!!

He's gotten pretty into it over the past year, attending meetings regularly, being friends with some board members, creating websites and such. He likes to have a voice in what is happening at our home, which I totally respect and appreciate. Especially since I go crazy every time I go to a meeting. (seriously? just because you don't like it means we have to change it? does the world revolve around you?). But J somehow manages to stay super even-tempered about it all, and even enjoys it! He's talked about joining the board in a [somewhat] joking manner for quite awhile, but when the option came this year to run, he decided to.

A month later, we received the ballot.
Two openings.
Two incumbents running.
And John.

We died laughing. Not in an oh-my-gosh-what-a-joke-you're-going-to-lose sort of way, but in a this-is-so-funny-that-it's-the-incumbents-and-YOU-and-a-blank-rest-of-the-page kind of way. Anyway, he joked about having two voters - us and this one nice person in our complex who said he'd vote for him.

So tonight, we went together to the annual meeting. The meeting where it's all revealed. As we drove there, I told him I was proud of him for trying and gave the "you're not a loser if you lose, you're a winner in my book" speech. In a genuine way. :)

They counted the ballots in the back. And we hear, "McGovern 1, Sue 1, George 2, McGovern 2, McGovern 1, Sue 1..." (fake names, btw, except McGovern of course). People voted for J! So then the counters go back to their seats. And the guy in charge takes the tally to the front. And he says,

"Well, this was a very close race. VERY close. Like, by 2 votes. We counted twice. Sue, you are re-elected. The other two were very close, but by 2 votes, John McGovern took the lead."

And I looked at my husband, who smiled politely and humbly in his seat, and I thought, awww.

And then the guy who lost about cried. And had a tantrum. And got up and stormed out of his board seat. And J politely got up and shook his hand. And then sat in his seat.

It took about 10 seconds, and he looked like one of the team. Except more business-y. Which fits, since they asked him to be on the finance committee. He must have looked the part. :)

Of course we had to go celebrate, which we turned into a double celebration to celebrate me finishing clinical and classes. (that was gonna be tomorrow but we decided to lump it together :)).

I love you, Mr. McGovern. And I'm very proud of you.
I kinda think you're crazy to do this.
But I love you for your crazy ideas.
And for legitimately winning an election. Way to go hun!!

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  1. YAY! Congrats to both of you! I love that you guys always celebrate this kinda stuff. Oh, and by the way... I hope to NEVER be in an HOA again! ;-)