Friday, May 2, 2014

The Hospital

I still can't believe our little ones stayed in my tummy until 38 weeks!
We had a c-section at 38+0 to welcome our babies into the world. 
Good thing we did because they were very cozy in there
and who knows when they would have made their entrance! :)

It was kind of surreal to get ready in the morning to come to the hospital to have a baby.
And so exciting!
I loved J's OR get-up. Such an amazing morning!
Mom and Carly were there early to give hugs before we went back!
My incredible NICU friend made the day amazing for me.
Maddie and Rachel even had name tags in the operating room!
Maddie's weight!
Rachel's weight!
My friends welcoming my babies into the world.
NICU nurses are the best. Especially these Advanced Life Support nurses.
first family photo!
Maddie is baby A on the right. Rachel is baby B on the left.
Grandparents and Auntie meet Maddie and Rachel
Great Grandma Carol came too!
and my best friend, Auntie Ali
We got some beautiful flower arrangements, oh, and these strawberries.
Best strawberries I've ever had. Thank you Mom!
our first field trip down the hall to our discharge class :)
Our family of four is going home!

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