Saturday, May 10, 2014

All about Madelyn: 5.5 weeks

I've spent the last 5.5 weeks learning about my baby girls... their likes, preferences, and dislikes. 
I want to remember each stage. Because every stage is special. 
Every week they change. They grow. They reveal new aspects of their personality.
And Maddie and Rachel are really different! I love learning their similarities and differences...
what makes each of them unique!

So what are a few things I have learned about Maddie Joy so far?

She talks with her hands!

She is quite the stretcher! Yawns, stretches, and many sounds when she sleeps and when she wakes up. Seriously the cutest thing ever!! She's been doing this since she was born and I love it. She loves her space.

She makes incredible eye contact. She loves to watch me and have conversation with her eyes. She tracks so well and looks toward you when you talk to her.

She smiled at Daddy for the first official time this week! (Thursday morning May 8th) 
She loves her daddy. [she then smiled at Grandma later in the day!). She's definitely getting more purposeful with when she smiles. And she has a beautiful little smile!

She loves to be awake and hates to miss out on anything. She's my little hang out buddy. I wonder if she will continue to hang out with me as she gets bigger.

She gets overstimulated easily when she's tired. Sometimes she just needs to be held close.

She has such a curious, relaxed, and sweet little spirit

She likes walks, being outside, her sister, bath time, and being able to see and hear me.

I love watching her grow and love learning about her each day!
I love Maddie so much!!

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