Saturday, May 10, 2014

All about Rachel: 5.5 weeks

Besides learning about Maddie, I've also learned some things about my Rachel Claire.

She is so very strong! She has been able to pick her head up during tummy time since week two. 
She's gonna be crawling before I know it and she will be everywhere!

She loves to snuggle. She likes being held close and rocked. She sleeps swaddled and relaxes when she goes in her little swaddler and even falls asleep on her own usually when she's wrapped in it. Her natural posture includes her hands close to her.

five weeks old
She loves her nukky. She falls asleep with it and is comforted by it. Hers has the baby chicken on it. :)

She looks like Daddy when he was a baby. She makes the cutest little furrowed brow that is the same expression as in a few of Daddy's baby pictures.

She loves to be outside. An upset Rachel is almost immediately calmed down by walking outside.

She likes to be close to Maddie. She doesn't like when Maddie whacks her face with her hands. ;)

She likes bath time.

She has a strong willed and precious little spirit.

one week old

I love learning about my Rachel! I love her heart so much!!

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