Monday, May 12, 2014

Little Letters

Dear J,
     Tonight you went to the grocery store for us on your way home. Thanks for taking care of so many tasks like that so I can be home with our babies. I still can't believe we have babies! I love building a family with you.

Dear little anchor ergo carrier,
     You make me excited to wear you because you're so cute, you make walks fun, and my daughters love you. Thanks for being the coolest invention since liquid flavored coffee creamer.

Dear Fur Babies,
     You taught us how to be parents. Thank you for being so patient with less walks and a slightly more boring life. Hopefully you like having me home with you more. I love you puppies so much! Don't worry, you will like your little sisters more and more as they grow.

Dear pillow in my bed,
     One day I will lay my head on you and leave it there for eight hours. But that day is nowhere near today. It's nice of you to always be so inviting anyway.

Dear Maddie,
     Your extreme stretches make me smile every time you do them. I love your morning routine of stretching/yawning/making noises and cute faces for a good 5-10 minutes before you're ready to eat. You are so precious!

Dear Rachel,
     The way you calm down so quickly when you get in your swaddle with your nukky is the sweetest thing ever. I love snuggling you, baby girl.

Dear Mom,
     Yesterday was Mother's Day, and well, I'm pretty sure that day was created for you. Thanks for loving me like Jesus does. If I can be half the mom you are, I'll be lucky.

Dear Kris,
     I'm so thankful to have married into such a sweet family. Thank you for loving me as your own. You are the best MIL I could have asked for!

Dear Moments in my day,
     I want to treasure you always.

Dear Lord,
     You give grace. You are my strength. You are my all. Thank you for blessing me with abundantly more than I deserve.

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