Thursday, May 15, 2014

Moments Today

Today I'm thankful for:

maddie falling asleep without tears after our 3am feeding
having time to pump and read a few scriptures before the girls woke up
a day with my mom
center of a cinnabon to share
white hairbows that stay in place
confusing questions from starbucks baristas that turn into a yummy frappuccino
a fresh haircut and brow wax
grace from my hairdresser when i'm 10 minutes late after she squeezed me in #newtwinmom
a stroller with wheels and babies that like movement
couch chats with mom
pictures on the wall
the gift of formula and gracious parents
a fire-free neighborhood in the midst of fire-filled san diego
air conditioning that works
cockatiel chirps
sister's voice on the phone
taco salad and in-laws that bring dinner
freed-up space in my closet
coffee bean, starbucks, cinnabon, and drumsticks in one day #sleepdeprivedmompickmeups
clean cozy sleepy snuggly babies
new garbage disposals and plumbers that come at a moment's notice
free personalization
clean laundry, matching dresses, and lights that turn on
freshly watered back yards
bed time #fortwohours
a full tank of gas
couch chats with j
bedtime lullabies

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