Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week past and weekend to come

Monday: Homemade Mexican fiesta... successful at that!

Tuesday: Free Coffee Bean summer ice blended drinks
can i just say... cookies and cream ice blended? A-MA-ZING. my new favorite fo-sho!

Wednesday: Meeting a nice new doctor, 
having mrs. dr smile and say "i should have known" when i said i'm an RN, 
and entering into the Sharp healthcare system [as a patient]
thank you, work health insurance. this is a first for me.

Thursday: Haircut and catch up with my friend Kelli visiting from Sac-town
it... is... too... short! this happens everytime. a picture will come soon.

Friday: Super sale at Kohls...
$10 free coupon + shirt with no tag + guy at register quitting his job = free for me.
Followed by a night with no plans! 

And here's how this weekend is looking:
a little organizing this and that
a little cleaning here and there
a fun car trip with mom and Carly to north county 
celebrating my friend Casey at her bridal shower with my mom
a trip to paper source {!!!!}
church, church, and more church (in a good way)
some Bible reading
some bill paying... call me crazy but I actually like paying bills
some time with my hubby
our Hispanic pastor/friend's birthday party!
some blog catch up - reading and writing
american idol watching
and possibly some card making

Happy Saturday!

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