Saturday, May 21, 2011

Open House for a Cause: Part 2

We had such a great time at our 3-day open house a couple weeks ago,
and in large part that was due to the sweet spirits of our friends and family who came.

my cousins, Marie and Jennie

mom's buddy Carol who is a past 3-day walker and huge supporter of mom :)

my dear friends Katie and Jennifer

my Aunt Linda (2nd cousin in Italian = aunt), Aunt Maralyn (great aunt in Italian = aunt), and dear sister

my hero, walking buddy, and mom

as guests exited, they could select a few fliers with information about breast cancer
as well as a tribute to those we are walking for


Although a ton of work, we had so much fun and are so thankful to those who came and supported us also! 
To those who couldn't come but have supported us in other ways - financially - we say, thank you.

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