Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Open House for a Cause: Part 1

A week and a half ago, my mom and I hosted a huge open house
to raise money for the Susan G Komen 3-day
we are walking in this November.

It was so much work,
but so much fun.

Although we didn't have a huge turnout,
everyone who came had a lot of fun and we were blessed by their generosity. 

Special thanks to:
Jennay with Pampered Chef,
and Katrina with Cookie Lee.
You ladies were great and we appreciate you being a part of our event.

So, the morning of the event was quite crazy and I didn't get a ton of "before" pictures... 
so some of these are "during" and "after" photos...
but you will get the idea. 

The entryway, complete with many facts about breast cancer and cute decorations by mom.
the facts continued throughout the home.

me and my walking/fundraising/event planning buddy :)

First stop: candles at Party Lite! 
I made all the signs. They were excited about them :)

Looking in from the front door

Coffee, tea sandwiches, and veggies with dip to start!

bbq meatballs, chips and salsa, and cookies to continue.

The Mary Kay booth with Jacqui and Mom
Jacqui has previously walked in the 3-day so she was a great support.

Pampered Chef by Jennay!

more snacks :)

beautiful Cookie Lee jewelry by Katrina!

homemade cards by yours truly
{totally discovered something new I love to do!}

Our donation area and place to watch videos about the walk and the organization.

Outside, we had beautiful potted flowers my mom planted 
and homemade strawberry jelly she made - so yummy!

Pink juices - strawberry melon and pink lemonade :)

So this was the basic set-up!

Part 2 of the open house segment will include some fun photos of our guests :)

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