Monday, May 16, 2011

Sneak Preview: I love Country

Anyone watching American Idol this round?

I've loved Scotty and Lauren from the get-go.

All I can say is, these two must be the top 2 this week.

But after I saw this, I think Scotty may have won my vote.

Because I love Josh Turner.
I love when people are surprised (in a good way).
I love when Christians take opportunities to profess their faith.
And because I love Country music.
{did you know that about me? a little tidbit :)}

Love this {super mature} kid's heart for the Lord, for people, and for wholesome country music.

Way to go, Scotty!

[Lauren... I'm still rooting for you too, girl!
You both rock and both will go far with your gifts of music :)]

1 comment:

  1. Scotty is all the rage out here! (He grew up about 20 minutes away.) A lot of people from our church went to that concert and were telling me about how cool he was. I myself don't watch AI, but I guess I am rooting for him too!