Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Highlights

This was a great weekend. 

We enjoyed dinner with our dear friends Mark and Katie to celebrate Mark's birthday.
[please excuse the zoomed in 'me' - i was obviously taking the picture and a bit too eager, so J got a bit hidden...]

 Saturday morning RAINY :) coffee date with my mom - it had been FOREVER!!!

Some laundry, organizing, cleaning, relaxing, napping, walking, and blog-reading.

A sunshiney day on Sunday - which was beautiful... although I was promised rain all weekend... 

An awesome Sunday morning of church - I love church on Sundays!

Grocery shopping with my hubby

Beautiful flowers - thank you Bun!

A bit of "Trauma" watching - love that show!

Lots of good chats

The Brig's happy hour - and my first bowl of clam chowder... love it!!

And the beginning of a BIG adventure with my mom...
more on that coming soon :)

What did you do this weekend?


  1. THAT looks like one wonderful weekend.
    And I would like some of that soup please:)

    I spent this weekend meeting up with MANY friends. I have just caught my breath and am NOW ready to start the new week. (Isn't it Tuesday already?:)
    Have a great day!!!!
    (Like the flowers very sweet and sunshiney!)

  2. Mmm, fun. Friends, family, Brig and church = weekend of awesomeness!

    We spent the weekend hanging out with a few of Jeremiah's co-workers, seeing my sister's boyfriend in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, going to church and loungin around watching movies and doing chores.

    I think we need some more double-date time in the very near future.

  3. adventure with mom???????????????????