Sunday, February 20, 2011

So ... yeah

So many thoughts. And yet I can't articulate them. I keep starting these 'semi-creative' blogs, but nothing is working. So maybe if I just write it will be easier.

Thus, another edition of So....... Yeah, and other random thoughts.

My pastor started a teaching series on the book of Hebrews last week. translation: He's preaching about Jesus for the next few months. Which is pretty much the best topic ever, so I'm super excited. I'm learning a lot, and loving it. And it reminded me of a song I know... wanna learn Hebrews 1:1-4?

My blogging skills have been sub-sub-sub-sub-par this month. Shame on me. I won't give much more attention because it's kinda annoying for you when I just say how I haven't blogged much. Oh well. Each day is a fresh start.

Bummer thing about nursing is I don't get holidays off work. Like the rest of the world will tomorrow. Except my sister. Poor girl goes to a school who doesn't take President's Day. Really? ;)

My desk has papers and bills stacked on it. Yeah, three stacks. Pretty much my worst organizational nightmare. Wanna know what else is on my desk? Alcohol swabs, lotion, a picture frame, CD, water bottle, gum, stapler, business cards, recipes, cards, giftcard, and a printer. Too many things on top. On a good note, I made two homemade cards this weekend. Ignoring the piles made my heart skip a beat, but crafting made my heart smile.

J went grocery shopping with me again tonight. He's so good at doing that with me. I love it. It makes it so much better. And we went to the Brig for happy hour beforehand. Which makes a Sunday night a million times better. I'm thankful that he convinced me to go out with him. Thanks babe :).

I am loving this rainy weather. Although, I took a face dive on Friday night on our asphalt with my pups in the pouring rain. That was a bummer. I just did that a couple months ago, too. I am so my mother's daughter. She fell at work this week and broke a bone in her wrist. Yeah, I know. Awful. I told her it was a sympathy fall.

Luigi's whistling, which means he's tired at this hour. J took the pups outside for their last bathroom run. Which means it's time for me to get ready for bed. Ready or not...

here comes the week!

What about you? Are you off for President's Day? Any fun plans? :)

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