Thursday, February 3, 2011

February love: I love Photography

Since I've struggled at blogging over the last month, I gave myself a project for this next month.
It's February 3rd. Guess what - I already missed a day.
As Ali would say, ce la ville.
Thank goodness for second chances and new starts :)

What else do I love?


The best part about photography is that every image captures a moment. A second. 
Every image is a glimpse into someone's thoughts,
and the world through someone else's eyes.
[that is, when other people besides me take the pictures]

If I was going to change my career again, I think I would be a photographer
[or a coffee shop owner...
but I'm not changing my career, at least not now, and this is off topic...]

I love looking back through old pictures and reliving memories time and time again.
I love saying, "we have to take a picture so we don't forget!"

I'm thankful for a family who also loves to take pictures,
or at least humors me over and over again :)

I'm thankful for the minds that came up with the idea of a camera, and film.

I'm thankful for the finances that made it possible to buy a camera
so I could document my life and the lives of those around me.
[even though I haven't taken many pictures recently... let this be a challenge to me]

I love the simplicity and yet complexity of a photo.

I love photography.

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