Monday, February 21, 2011

February love: I love my sister

Hands down, best sister in the world. in my humble opinion... :)

Today, I received a message from her that read:

"so im sitting here, celebrating presidents day with classes and oreos dunked in milk.... frustrated that i dont have today off - frustrated that YOU dont have today off. cuz then we could be home, eating oreos dunked in milk and watching movies. 

....and i just finished the oreos..."

And all I could do was laugh. 

Because J and I have been in the hugest oreo phase over the past few weeks. (mind you, we both haven't had oreos in years... well, at least I haven't).

Like, we have oreos and milk almost every night... double stuff... straight out of the frig.

My sister and I are as different as night and day... yet similar as the day is long (btw, I never understood that phrase).

I got to spend Saturday night with her when she came down from school for the weekend. And it was awesome. She's smart, pretty, funny, and wise. 

And she's my sister.
I'm so lucky.

Today and everyday,
I love 
my sister
She wrote this cute blog post that I dedicated to myself... :) ... so in honor of that, I made her a Valentine's card.


  1. I love those cards... and oreos. :)

    I am nominating you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Your blog is beautiful and always inspires me!

  2. Funny thing is that Im not usually into Oreos and milk either... I might theyre a DELICIOUS snack, but not something I have all the time... but SO funny its been on you and Johns favorite list lately! Haha! Thank you for the blog dedication! Love it and love you! =D

  3. Cute:) Nothing better than a sister- FOR SURE.
    (And maybe your sister and my sister tie for 1st place in the Best Sister category....;)))