Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feelings of late

Exhausted from staying up too late every night and waking up so early
 Thankful for a job as an RN
  Proud of my husband and his passionate heart
   Relieved Michelle got kicked off the Bachelor
    Sad my parents are sickies
     Blessed to have such great friends
      Reminiscent of life in Point Loma
       Accomplished that I payed bills
        Relaxed after a Saturday of crafting, rain, and family
       Filled after spending time with my mom, sis and stepdad tonight
      Discouraged that I'm basically a non-blogger and have missed out on reading some of my favorites
     Frustrated at not being able to do things right the first time
    Excited for my new PC pizza stone to come
   Bummed that I never feel caught up and always feel behind at almost everything
  Loved by my family, friends, husband, puppies, and heavenly father
 Humbled by the love, peace, grace, and joy of Christ
Content cuddling with my family listening to the rain

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