Saturday, November 5, 2011

A thankful heart: New Discoveries

This morning, Mom and I mapped our own 15 {turned 16} mile walk
through Old Town, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Balboa Park, and Banker's Hill
{by the way, mapping a 15 mile walk is not as easy as it sounds}.

I am loving our weekend walks
because they are filled with new discoveries.

Discovering more about each other.
Discovering new eateries, coffee houses, and neighborhoods.
Discovering new friends and stories.
Discovering how our bodies react to walking and carrying so much.

Just today, I discovered:

Mission Hills is a darn cute little neighborhood,
Hillcrest and 1st through 6th avenues are actually delightful to walk through,
there is a coffee bean on washington {hello favorite!},

a new {becoming not-so-new} friend who joined us for the second half of the walk
 {mom and me with our new friend, Leti at espresso mio}

there is a real town called Rio in Brazil... not just in the movie,
mom is really good at braiding her hair without a mirror,

the living room cafe has yummy breakfast burritos {#whoknew?},

I don't get such bad blisters when I walk a little slower and use second skin,
I will walk through any neighborhood I'm considering moving to in the future,
espresso mio is owned by one of the sweetest marathon-running ladies,

places that seem so far away are actually only a couple miles,

my cell phone battery only lasts 6 hours when i use the gps mileage tracker,

I love walking and talking with mom,

every home has special character
{the house mom fell in love with},

it's sometimes fun to wander off the beaten path for a picture or two,

and God is  e v e r y w h e r e .

I'm so thankful for new discoveries.

{ps: 13 DAYS until the big 3-day!!!}

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