Thursday, November 3, 2011

A thankful heart: Morning Coffee

This morning was a [really] early morning, as I woke up to read for a nursing class I took today.
[I realize I should have started reading sooner... the good news was it was fresh in my mind :)].
Two days ago, I purchased coffee mate french vanilla coffee creamer. 
Which just so happens to be the best way to drink coffee, in my humble opinion.
[unless it's blended, of course].
Last night, as I set my alarm for eeeearlyyy,
I smiled thinking about the cup of coffee I would enjoy while reading.
And when I woke up, I smelled the brewing pot.
I poured my coffee into my cute coffee mug and added my yummy creamer.
And I read as I sipped my coffee.
And I was happy.

I typically have coffee and read my Bible in the morning,
but since I've started working earlier, I usually take both to work with me.

It was so fun to cuddle on my couch with a blanket and coffee today.

Today [and always] I'm thankful for my coffee... with yummy creamer... 
in my cute coffee cup... in my living room. 

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