Monday, November 14, 2011

A thankful heart: The Little Things

Today, as I checked out at Petsmart with a huge bag of dog food and bird food in hand,
I noticed the signature for my credit card was no longer paper, but electronic.
I asked the woman working when they got electronic signing pads.
She stopped, looked at me, and grinning ear to ear, said
"We just got them this week. It is new.
I think you are the first customer to notice!"

I didn't think much of it at first.
I mean, J and I frequent Petsmart at least monthly.
And it's technology for goodness sake. ;-)

But then I realized that was the point.
That it was a little thing. 
And that God gave me eyes to notice the little things.

One example:
J driving during our entire vacation last week,
smiling and calming me down when I gave the wrong directions
and we got stuck waiting for the train for ten minutes.

One more example: 
A cloudy fall sky. 
And the moon peaking out behind the sun, peaking out behind the clouds
on my way home from work today.

I'm so thankful for eyes to see the little things.

God, may I never miss the little blessings from you.
Show me every glimpse of your power, glory, and faithfulness.
Thank you for the {seemingly} little things and the {not-so} little things.
Thank you for little bits of kingdom eyes here in this life.
You are a good good God.
May I never forget.

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