Monday, September 26, 2011

So ... yeah {12 random summer happenings}

Since I've been a bit of a poor blogger this summer, there are many events that happened that didn't end up getting a blog post. So, I thought I would just lump it into one and share some random happenings from this summer.

These are in no order whatsoever and are simply the things I took pictures of... I wasn't a great picture-taker this summer, so its a bit random...

1. Date night with my baby to have fish tacos, laugh at the comedy theatre, and eat yummy gelato!

 2. A walk on the lake with a dear friend {and lots of walks with my mom!}

3. Dinner with great friends and some treasures they brought back for us from their trip to Ecuador.

4. Pool time at Grandma's and visiting my mom's cousin from St Louis

5. Labor Day feast with J

6. Coffee with Aristoula

 7. Random shopping trips with J

8. The Queen Bee Market with mom and sis {and some surprise friends!}
 ashley and david
 rhonda, aly, and marghee

 9. A few successful meals

10. A few Padres games

11. Dinner with my family

12. Jaclyn and Nick's wedding {Jaclyn is Carly's friend and was one of my girls when I led a girls bible study their freshman year of high school... I love this girl... her day was so special}

so happy for her - she was the sweetest bride ever.
 met up with my friend Cara there too :)

These are a few of the randomest things...
things that brought me joy this summer :)

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