Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back in the saddle again

Sunday, we moved my lovely sister back to college for her last year.

We had quite the fun car ride...
riding next to Mom and Steve for a great deal of the way
and singing and dancing the entire trip together
[I definitely pulled my left bicep muscle...embarrassed to admit]

I'm so proud of my sister.
I'm proud of how hard she has worked, 
how much she has grown and matured,
how far she has come,
and who she is.

She's not excited about this school year,
but I believe it will be her best yet.

Lord, meet my sister in a way only you can this year.
Remind her that you love her uniquely and completely.
Give her purpose and hope.

I love you C. Praying for you as you start classes of your senior year today!!
Just like back in the waterpolo days...

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