Saturday, September 24, 2011

21 years of Carly

Today, my baby sister turns 21. 
21 whole years of Carly.
She's my little rockstar, my body guard, my confidant, my favorite.

She came home for the weekend with her buddy Kaihla to celebrate!

We started off the morning at Mimis with the girls. 
There, Carly had her first pretty drink, which she was pretty excited about ;)
 Why yes, we took a picture in the bathroom.  Mirror pictures are the best ;)

After breakfast, Steve joined us for a {good} movie
[it had been so long since I went to see a movie in the theaters! so fun!]

After the movie, we went for manis and pedis. So relaxing.

Then, we had dinner with the whole gang at the Brig.
sister enjoyed another pretty drink ;)
We ate amazing food.
We laughed. [my mom is the best mr napkin head ever!]
She opened some fun presents
 including a card that revealed a super fun sister trip I am taking her on in a few weeks...
we're going to Palm Springs!! 
I'm so excited to lounge in jammies, watch movies, lay out by the pool, 
order room service, chat chat chat, shop, and just be together. 

C, I love you more than I can express! Thanks for sharing your big birthday with me. 
You're a full on adult now, girl!
I love your heart, your mind, your smile, your laugh, your humor, your wit,
your sensitive spirit, your generosity, your honesty, your hair, your perseverance, and your faith.
To name a few things. ;)

I love you, pretty girl.
Happy 21st!! 
And this is just the beginning of our celebration!

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