Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Highlights

early morning sunrise
hours and hours of classroom study paying off by...
meeting some incredible nurses
chinese food and ice cream cake to celebrate J's Grandma's birthday... happy 86th birthday Grandma!!
a few encouraging texts
a few fun phone chats with my family
late night Target run with J
morning cuddle time with the puppies
morning clouds and afternoon sunshine (yep I'll admit it... it was a pretty day)
incredible testimonies from pastors at church
cinnabons for breakfast
completing a few big job applications
installing placing a new silverware holder in our drawer
finishing up last week's episode of the Bachelor
hubby pumping my gas at the gas station for me... thanks babe.
happy hour at the Brig with Mark and Katie
and did I already say pretty skies?

Good weekend.
Always too short.
But boy do I love them.

This time change has left me so tired today! Anyone else?

How was your weekend?


  1. A very beautiful sky for sure:)

  2. Noah and I LOVE late night Target runs and I'll admit I'm a little jealous you get puppy cuddles in the morning! Sounds fantastic!