Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thankful for marriage

Dear J,

Thank you for coming home in such a great mood on Sunday and taking me to the Brig to celebrate a rainy date night, and for introducing me to clam chowder and fish tacos. I never knew how fun seafood could be! This is becoming quite the routine ;)

Thank you for offering to go to the grocery store for me yesterday... and then picking me up on the way when I found out you were going to Target and begged you to take me with you. And for waiting patiently while I took a picture in the middle of the parking lot of the sunset... and later you let me choose coffee which took me forEVER. And then buying me pink shorts to support my ambitions. And smelling candles with me. And making eight circles looking for dish drainers... Target trips with you are seriously the best. [I swear that store markets directly to me!!!!]

Thank you for encouraging me when I had my little breakdown about work and life... your hugs and encouragement makes anything seem possible.

Thank you for being so stinking talented and worshipping with me last night. You are the best guitar player in the world (in my humble not-biased-at-all opinion) and I love watching and listening to you do your thing. Just one of the [more shallow but amazing] reasons I fell in love with five years ago. I love even more putting you and me together for Jesus. Definitely way better than the Bachelor. [and we have DVR...]

Thank you for feeding the puppies every single morning without fail so I don't have to wake up so early.

Thank you for coming to Bible study with me and being excited about it. I'm so thankful you have found such great friends to fellowship with.

Thank you for your daily text messages to say you miss me. I like that you miss me on a daily basis when we're not together... because I miss you too. Good thing we're married!

Thank you for your hugs, your laugh, your encouragement, your quesadillas, your friendship and your love.

Your heart blesses me, your faith inspires me, your perspective refreshes me, and your love overwhelms me.

I love you to the moon and back.


your crazy adoring wife :)

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  1. you should know, that as i read this i was cracking up - especially when the target paragraph came along. mainly because ive been in his shoes. so so funny! and very cute.