Thursday, March 3, 2011

Las Tres Amigas Blancas Reunite

I don't have too many friends I knew when I was little and still call my friends.

But Emily and Melodie are two of those girls.

Emily became my best friend in first grade. 
We were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen detectives.
EJ's Music Group (we were gonna be famous... way before American Idol).
Girl Scouts.
Two little winged angels.

Melodie and I became great friends in 6th and 7th grade.
Church friends, my little encourager, swim superstar, and carpool buddy.

The three of us became "Las Tres Amigas Blancas."
We carpooled to school together every day our freshman year of high school.
We each made our own friends and went our own ways,
but the depth of our friendship remains. 

Though we see each other so rarely, when we hang out, it's so natural.
This past Monday, Las Tres Amigas Blancas reunited at BJs.
It was so fun to chat about life, love, and adventures.
Mel with her five-year-old princess, Emily's adventures in Peru, my nursing stories.
And to laugh together.

Love you, Em and Mel. Here's to the three white girls :)

[Emily, Melodie, and me]

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