Thursday, September 3, 2009

A tribute to sprouts

This past weekend I was perusing the fruit and veggie section of Albertsons and came across sprouts. It's been years since I had sprouts. And I had to have them. So I could make the sprouts sandwich I so fondly remember.

When I was little, my grandma used to make me sprouts sandwiches. That's it. No meat. Just sprouts, bread and mayonnaise. And I loved them. In fact, I asked for them. Often. And no one else could make them. Not my mom. "Jordanna it's the same thing you have at Grandma's." "No Mom it's different." Sorry Mom. But Grandma had to make it and we had to be at her house. Because everything is better at Grandma's. We would sit at her table and I would tell her stories and we would eat our sprouts sandwiches. And it was the best.

So today, in honor of lunchtime with Grandma, I made myself a sprouts sandwich (I added the turkey and cheese to... add a little something extra). And it was really good. But next time I am at Grandma's house, I think I am going to ask her to make me a sprouts sandwich. Because everything is better at Grandma's.

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