Wednesday, September 2, 2009

11 Treasures in Today

1. Breakfast and the Word (Acts is seriously the coolest book!)
2. Morning walk with Emma ("faster Mom faster!")
3. Errands and hang out time with Mom (thanks for sewing my nursing patches on, Mom!)
4. A new blender (hooray for future smoothies!)
5. Starbucks with my wonderful mother-in-law Kris and Emma
(until December... :)
(Emma says, "Thanks for sitting by me and protecting me from the wild and crazy skateboarders, Grandma K!")6. Pasta for dinner (a staple in the McGovern household)
7. Evening walk with J and Emma
I love these two. 8. Sunset (in Point Loma it's over the ocean... in El Cajon it's over the mountains... the cool thing is that it's the same sun)
9. J's photography (honey you are amazing)
10. House with java chip frappuccino ice cream (we are in the middle of the House season 4 DVDs right now...) and a shared water
11. Bedtime (this is coming very soon and it is probably my favorite time of the day)

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