Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pancakes please

Pancakes may be my favorite food. If that counts. I adore pancakes. To the point where, if I am ever rich, I will hire someone to make me pancakes every morning. With powdered sugar. Actually, I probably would just hire my sister. That's not as wierd. And she's a darn good pancake maker... not that she's made them for me. But based on her other meals she makes, I think she is probably a darn good pancake-maker.

Regardless. J surprised me Friday morning and took me to breakfast before he went to work. Oh how I LOVE to go out to breakfast with J! And we got to use a coupon... have I mentioned how much I love coupons? I have a super cute coupon book with my coupons organized by category... I recommend them for $1 at Michaels. Anyway.

I don't ever think to take a picture once I get the pancakes, but this is us in anticipation.
Thank you honey for breakfast. I love to be with you, and you + pancakes = perfection!

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