Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sister Sister

I really and truly have the best sister in the world. She is the most sarcastic and funny girl I know. She can make fun of me for hours while making me laugh. She is wise wise wise. Surprisingly wise. Like, she's kinda like my big sister sometimes. She tells some great stories (and don't you interrupt her when she's talking ;). She has a heart for her animals and isn't afraid to tell you just what she thinks. She's the girl I go to for the real truth, to lay out by the pool, to get coffee, to chat for 4 minutes between classes, to get ideas for dinners... for anything and everything. I love my sister more that I can explain. Happy 19th birthday Carly!!!!

In honor of her, here is a short tribute :)

Baby Carly!
Love my little sis
You always were the cute one. Train ride! All aboard....!You have the cutest smile
Rock on in Denver at the conference!Thanks for being my Padres dugout buddyYou were the prettiest and best maid of honor out there.Family pic! (with Emma trying to escape as usual)Beautiful girlYou are such a fun little buddy. Happy 19th Birthday, Sis!!!

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