Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Journey of 1000 Gifts

I'm sitting on the grass in Coronado overlooking the city I live in. {I really need to do this more often.} 
In this moment, I choose to be thankful.

- Thankful for the two puppies happily lying on the grass in front of me.
- Thankful for the cool green blanket of grass I'm sitting on.
- Thankful for the crisp blue water, calm in front of me.
- Thankful for cultural music playing in the distance.
- Thankful for the people working hard in the buildings high in front of me.
- Thankful for a couple hours on a Thursday afternoon to sit and be.
- Thankful for black and white frappuccinos and hot dogs with pineapple relish.
- Thankful for the vastness of the ocean to remind me how small I am and how big God is.
- Thankful for what God showed Ann Voskamp and her vulnerability to share with the rest of us through her book, One Thousand Gifts.
- Thankful for the scattered clouds in the sky and the tweets of the birds soaring high through them.
- Thankful for a thankful heart.
- Thankful for the freedom to trust Jesus.
- Thankful for grace when I forget.
- Thankful God's vision is far more perfect than mine.
- Thankful my Savior is not trapped by time. And thankful He knew I needed to be.

In One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp shares about her journey to a heart of gratitude through the initial simple concept of keeping a list of 1000 gifts, great and small, good and bad. In doing this, she learns the concept of thankfulness, among other things. I highly recommend this book. I've started my own list of 1000 gifts. I'm on #70. I keep waiting for the moment my mind will change and I will suddenly be thankful for everything and trust The Lord in each moment.

Then I remember I'm human and my tendency is to doubt and to stress and to be less than thankful for circumstances. 

But moment by moment, I will choose thanks. I will choose gratitude. I will choose to remember the gift of salvation my God has given me so completely.

I don't understand why bad things happen. I make mistakes. I sin and I doubt and I am anything but perfect. And I have a less-than-thankful heart too often. 

But in this moment, I will choose gratitude. I will choose to be thankful. I will choose to trust The Lord and I will choose to remember His gift. 

{ps: I'm blogging from my phone for the first time, using an app called BlogGo, so I have no idea how this will look on a computer or how long this will take to publish!
update: It published kinda weird looking, and it published twice, and it needed wireless to publish, which I didn't have... all that to say, I'm trying to make it look a little better. I'll have to practice with the app more before giving it a good or bad review.}

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