Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rekindling Moments: February

Too bad it's June... not March 1st, which is when I had planned to post this! oops!!
I haven't done very well as keeping up with daily moments, but I wanted to post a couple months I had written before I slacked off. So this is out of order which messes with my organizational mind, but I think it's more important to document moments that I can remember. :)

So, here are my February best of my days:

1 - watersliding it with my cute husband and finishing off our underwater camera pics
2 - Dudley's bread galore and a little fudge shack stop on our way to our family cabin retreat, and games galore later that evening
3 - watching Emma, Baker, and Ava run/swim together on our lake walk
4 - listening to Disney classics on the piano in the lobby of our amazing hotel over ice cream cones with my love
5 - conquering not just one, but two 'roller coasters' at California Adventure... hello Goofy's Flight School and Cars ride!! {Goofys... not again. Cars? again :)}
6 - sleeping in and a day off at home with J
7 - celebrating Jessi's birthday with yummy lunch and great conversation
8 - sweet words from my sick hubby
9 - working together with a great group of nurses to care for sick little ones
10 - beautiful new white blooms on our trees outside
11 - nap time with no alarm clock
12 - Italy planning/puppy play date with sis
13 - booking our Florence and Cinque Terre hotels
14 - placed on-call for work and getting to spend valentines night with my best friend... even if i was sick
15 - getting to know new coworkers
16 - meeting and snuggling Brinkley, Mom's precious new golden/lab mix puppy
17 - lounging in the park on a sweet sunday afternoon
18 - working with Lindsey again
19 - a good daytime sleep between shifts on a rainy day
20 - falling asleep with a fire in the fireplace
21 - pay day! 
22 - giving Grandpa a hug ... time with Mom, Grandma, and Brinkley ... and an affirming conversation and walk with the pups and Katie through Balboa Park on a crisp sunshiney day
23 - coffee on the balcony with Carly and the pups
24 - church after work
25 - worship music in the car
26 - funny work conversations 
27 - reading an email about my mother in law battling a raccoon at Grandmama's house
28 - last night of work before a weekend off

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