Monday, June 3, 2013

Rekindling Moments: April

So then I missed March, but here are my April moments!
I missed May too... but am working on June and am planning on finishing out this year strong. :)

So, the best of my April days:

1 - reflecting on last week's adventures in Italy through unpacking
2 - hot tea, a blanket, and a season of "Hawthorne." #sicky
3 - God challenging my thinking while studying the Psalms
4 - snuggling with J
5 - feeling better
6 - amazing morning sky
7 - hubby bringing me fro yo before work
8 - seven solid hours of sleep in the middle of a series of shifts
9 - encouraging text from a friend
10 - dinner and life giving conversation with Chris and Katie
11 - knowing without a doubt God is Real in watching my grandpa die with my loved ones
12 - spending the day with mom and grandma
13 - a much needed date night with my love and late night pillow talk
14 - recognizing my need for Jesus
15 - an evening chatting with Grandma and J in Grandma's living room
16 - sweet hugs from my J
17 - spending an entire afternoon listening to my grandma, mom, and uncles reminisce and laugh over stories growing up with Grandpa
18 - lunch and sweet conversation with Jessi
19 - snuggling precious kiddos at work
20 - not having to work my usual Saturday
21 - sweet prayer time lifting up Pastor Garlow upon hearing of the loss of his beloved wife
22 - watching J enjoy getting ready for work
23 - encouraging texts
24 - a meeting with work friends and coffee after a long night
25 - time with Kelli over a much needed hair cut
26 - celebrating Sam's police academy graduation in WV from afar
27 - setting up Grandpa's picture table I put together and decorating the church for Grandpa's service tomorrow - love seeing a vision come together
28 - singing with my sister, even though I cried through it, and a hug from my J after four long days apart
29 - a sliver of normalcy going back to work
30 - two sweet snuggly puppies welcoming me home and sleeping all day with me

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