Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend moments

This weekend was rockin' full of memorable moments.

book release with ymc girls
welcoming october
amazing late-night prayer with a friend
new dishtowels for a friend who needs them
a bathroom rug for free -- kohl's cash cards... holla!
encouraging vision meeting with ymc friends
authentic carne asada and guacamole
two long walks with mom
new coffee shop
michaels browsing and sale shopping ($5 baby, i am good! :))
discovering the best chocolate chip cookies in. the. WORLD.
a brief unexpected sister visit
2-hour family nap time
feet up on the sofa
sweet homemade iced tea
fall crafting
grocery shopping with j
homemade dinners all weekend and a new recipe
dog walks
laughing out loud
planning/dreaming seshs with j
drumming my fingernails on the table (i know you understand, c)
yummy smelling home
clean towels, sheets and clothes
spotless bathrooms and a clean kitchen
vacuumed floors and a clean cage and fresh food for luigi
finding $20 and birthday gift cards
date to starbucks
figuring out a few christmas gifts
new pens (thank you arie!!)
organized kitchen cabinet filled with beautiful mugs
j's hands playing his guitar
jimmy robeson's cd over and over again
answers to prayer
incredible ymc time
celebrating small goals met
a [mostly] empty evening calendar for the week ahead
studying the word
serving the God of the universe
remembering He loved me first

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