Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On the chopping block

J and I have been going through a series of life changes over the last few months.
It's been a challenging and humbling time of understanding God's grace in a whole new way.

The combination of "a whole new J" process that's happening and the "it's time to follow the budget" process we're working on led to the most recent decision.

That, and J just wanted to. 
And I am all about change. 
Sometimes, it's just what you need.
Besides, he's so stinkin' cute anyway, I knew he'd rock the look. 
Like his little bro :)
So I said, let's go baby!

So, we headed to Target last Thursday night and picked up a head buzzer/shaver {whatever they're called}.
Then we went home and I buzzed my baby's hair off.
And he looks GOOD!!!

OK... the photos.
before :)
the weapons supplies
 he had every faith in me. i was nervous. 
"babe we have to use the longest blade first in case I mess up!"
"no, J, just go for it! you can do it!"
 locks of love?

 he's soooo cute!!!
 emma initially wasn't sure, but the pups quickly warmed up and then were pretty excited.

Babe, I've always told you you can do whatever you want.
That I believe in you and will support you no matter what.
[unless it's crazy dangerous or something... :)]

I'm so proud of you for doing something different,
for being bold,
for stepping out and saying,
change is important. change is good.

I love you.
and you are oh-so-handsome ;-)

{ps: the shirt j's wearing?
the tribute to steve}

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