Wednesday, October 12, 2011

94 years of joy

Yesterday was Grandmama's 94th birthday. 
We celebrated her on Monday evening with dinner, dessert, a few gifts, 
and her little brother's visit to see her from Texas!

The wall of this restaurant reminds me I want to go to Italy.
 Grandmama and Uncle Bob
 Me and J
 Me and Grandma
The {blood} family. So sweet :)

Possibly my favorite part of the evening was watching Grandmama interact with her brother. 
They hadn't seen each other in years and they are the only two surviving siblings, so it was so special. 
I loved listening to them tell stories and watch them listen to each other and remind each other of fun memories. 
I smiled watching how similar their mannerisms were. 
And I snapped too many pictures of the way he cared for her.
 He seriously is the sweetest and funniest man. We got quite a kick out of each other!
I am so glad I had the privilege of meeting Uncle Bob :)

 Reeses ice cream cake just for you!
 make a wish...

Grandmama, It was so special to spend time celebrating YOU.
You are such a unique, thoughtful and funny woman and you make me laugh.
I'm so proud of you.
I love you!!
Happy birthday!!

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