Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Running away to the beach

My amazing friend surprised us by treating us to a night at her exquisite hotel this weekend. She's the rocking wedding coordinator/manager, and everyone loves her. It was so fun to be known as "Alison's friend." :)

A, you are seriously the best.

The room was amazing, and she even had it decorated just for us :)

 Their lemonade is incredible.

So is the view.

J and I took a 2-minute walk down to the beach to watch the sunset. 
You know, since we were on the beach and all.

 i love him so much.

i also love the One who created this.

We ended the evening with a super fancy dinner at their restaurant. 

It was so special to go away for a night and enjoy each other's company on the ocean.
Thanks Anna for watching our little pups!
Hun, let's take more vacations :)


  1. Oh that looks like such a wonderful get away together!
    Happy to see you so happy.
    Now are you going to make me some of that lemonade???

    (Love beach pictures...breathtaking!)

  2. I recognize that hotel! It always looks so elegant when we drive past, and, from your pictures, it definitely is! What a treat for you two. :)