Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friends and more friends

Since I haven't kept up with blogging over the past week, I didn't get to give these events each their own blog. But it's been a couple weeks of friends and fun. Our hearts are full and we feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends to surround ourselves with, both old friendships and new.

Five Christmas extravaganzas:

1. YMC Bible Study Christmas Party

Marghee, me, Amanda
thankful for new friendships

the group
[thanks for the photos, Jenn!]

me, Daemey, Sondra, Paige, and Candace

 2. Dinner date at the McLeod's new home

I absolutely adore Jessi. She cuddles with me :)
and her home is beautiful!

Jeremiah and John are great friends too :)

3. Andy and Amy came to visit

 Andy was one of J's groomsmen.
Their friendship encourages us and their marriage inspires us.

4. Sondra's Christmas Cookie Exchange

 me, Paige, Christina, Jaclynn, Sondra, Michelle, Irma, Marghee, Jennifer and Gillian

5. YMC Christmas Party

 our sweet friends, Dwain and Jaclyn
it has been such a privilege to get to know them over the past few months

Still to come... Christmas at the McGovern's home! :)

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