Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Letters

Dear rockstar husband,
     Monday morning I came home from work to clean folded clothes on my dresser. This made me feel so loved. I nominate you to be the official folder of laundry in our home. :)

Dear Mom,
     I loved cheering for the 3-day walkers with you last weekend almost as much as I loved walking it with you two years ago. You are such a great encourager, and handing out those little oranges was brilliant! I love that we will always share that experience.

{2011 walking and 2013 cheering}

Dear Baker,
     You've been so good trying not to bark at the neighbor dogs. I just think you're the cutest and such a sweet little snuggle puppy. You're so silly though - you're attached to me at the hip all day until bedtime when you go sleep on the couch. I wish you could tell me your little thoughts!

Dear backyard,
     You still scare Emma, as evidenced by her running quickly back inside after she goes potty. But I think you are growing on my pups. Thank you for your convenience, your freshness, and your beautiful view.

Dear sweet growing baby,
     You are 19 weeks! I'm told you are the size of an heirloom tomato this week. Last week you were a sweet potato... I hope you aren't shrinking. :) I can't wait to feel your little somersaults and kicks. You are my little treasure!

Dear Emma,
     You turned five this weekend! You are my kindred spirit puppy and I love you SO much. Thanks for rescuing us, bearsie.

Dear sister,
     You came over at 7am for breakfast after I texted you a good deal earlier than that. Then after breakfast we went to Target and McDonalds. Thanks for being awake so early and always being my hangout buddy. I love our sister dates!

Dear Jesus,
     During this month of thankfulness, I can't help but be overwhelmed with the fact that you are the reason for thankfulness. Thank you for your faithfulness, your grace, your love, and your truth. You are the reason for my joy.

Dear marshmallow fireside candle and hot chocolate with marshmallows,
     You two have made me such a happy girl over the last few days. Can this season never end so we can continue our little morning tradition together?

Dear J,
     Last week you smiled when I pulled our bright orange new brita pitcher from the frig and explained why orange was the best option for us. Last night you scooped me up for a picture in the kitchen after picking me up for our dinner date. Today you texted me to make sure I ordered my snuggle pregnancy pillow so I can {try to} be comfortable when I wake up again. Have I told you how much I love you?

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