Sunday, October 20, 2013


So much going on and so much to talk about! But some things will have to wait just a little longer for the blog...

I stillllll haven't finished documenting our Italy trip. I'm sure my sister thinks I forgot. I didn't. 

J got a new job! Da, da DA! He is now my rockstar Network Analyst at San Diego State University. So we are becoming Aztec fans by default. He is so happy to work for great people and a larger university and I am so happy he is happy!

J and I just got back (last week) from a little trip to Seattle, Portland and Roseburg, Oregon to see our besties. We always love Oregon, the Ritters are our faves, and Pike Place Market is sure a fun place to explore.

Every time we visit Oregon, we say we want to move there tomorrow. It's so stinking beautiful up there! But this time, along with the 'it's so amazing here' thoughts, we also felt a new sense of peace and contentment with our lives in San Diego, and are incredibly thankful for where we are at. We don't have plans to move to Oregon for quite awhile, if ever. We've decided will love our home city we are blessed to live in, give thanks that our family is so close (S and V, move here darn it), and make Oregon the family vacation spot.

Fall is here, which might be my favorite season. Well, I love winter, and Spring is pretty nice. Just not summer in El Cajon. Ugh. the heat is not my friend. But there's something about the anticipation of the upcoming holidays and change of seasons (even though it's still 86 degrees outside here) that makes my heart happy. I've failed at bringing out my fall decor this year, which I'm bummed about. But we did get two little pumpkins and I have a harvest sign that are happily sitting on our mantle and my desk. I also have yet to make anything pumpkin related, while last year I had pumpkin bread and cupcakes and muffins and cookies and pancakes going by now. Some years it just doesn't work out. But that's ok with me.

We did make a trip to Target and visited the fall Halloween section, which is not our favorite section by any means. (seriously, when did October turn into skulls and goblins month? what happened to harvest time and preparing for a heart of thankfulness?) But we did get quite a kick out of the gigantic skull heads larger than J. It was his idea to document it. 
I love my husband.

I'm sick as a dog (where in the world did that phrase come from?? It doesn't even make sense, my dogs aren't sick...) with most symptoms you can imagine, including crazy allergies, which is making looking at this computer screen a tad tricky. When I feel better, I'll upload my pics from our trip and also the rest of Italy (it was only 6 months ago...). 

Life feels crazy...doesn't it always?...but good. I'm feeling extra thankful this morning and that's a good thing. 

Lord, make my heart thankful every morning.

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