Monday, July 22, 2013

Shout-out: A Beautiful Mess {and some visual moments of late}

 So I found this new photo editing app called A Beautiful Mess.
If you have instagram, you NEED this app. 99 cents is absolutely worth it.
A Beautiful Mess is also the name of a blog by two sisters, Elsie and Emma.
These girls are just the cutest and have way more than just photography on their blog,
so go check them out if you have time.
I told Carly we need to have a sister blog. :)

I've been having fun using the app to add to photos I've been taking.
So here's a little glimpse into a few moments in my life this month.

fourth of july parties with carly, j and the pups in the bed of j's truck

amazing skies crafted by our Creator Himself

 dinner with family to celebrate mom's birthday

visits to coronado beach

 puppy play time in coronado with my gorgeous sister

 and puppy snuggles on the way home after playtime

 visiting and photoshooting with our favorite little girl {and family} in the world

 amazing sunsets

 beautiful new blooms around home

time with my sissy

 family photos

 discovering a new park

 time with baker

 time with emma

 being reminded of how fortunate i am to live in san diego

healthy 'green' smoothies

yummy strawberry banana smoothies

and way too many homemade white chocolate iced blendeds {possibly my favorite treat ever}

God, You are good.
Thank you for different experiences and eyes to see your hand in it all.
Thank you for new recipes, family time, and puppy smiles.
And apps that make photo editing that much more fun.
You are so gracious to your people.
And you are so faithful.

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