Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little Letters

There's a little trend out in the 'blog world' that I like.
But I also hate copying, so I refrained from joining in.
Well, I've decided to say what-the-heck and jump on the bandwagon.

Dear Coronado Island,
   The combination of your perfect view of the city, amazing coffee shops, clean sandy beaches, pet-friendly-ness, precious million dollar homes, and all-around awesomeness has made me one happy girl lately. Can we have a date every day?

Dear Jury Duty,
   I realize I've postponed you three times. But you just are not convenient for my schedule. Let's postpone next month for retirement. Then I'll be glad to fulfill my civil duty every year.

Dear Fingernails,
   Can you grow for goodness sake? Please and thank you.

Dear Pinterest,
   I think you're really fun. Thanks for all the pretty pictures and ideas. Now to actually do one of them.

Dear Tidelands Park,
   You are quite the secret hideaway. Thanks for being empty, huge, and safe, and letting Emma and Baker run free. We'll visit again soon.

Dear twinsies in the NICU,
   The way the two of you do the same thing at the same time from two different beds is seriously rad. And keeps me very busy. :)

Dear Emma and Elsie,
   You ladies are famous. And your app has made photo editing that much funner. Can't wait for your book to come out. You guys rock.

Dear Real Simple magazine,
   You are the most exciting thing that lands in my mailbox. You and those $10 Kohls giftcards. Can you come soon? The grocery ads are only so exciting.

Dear baby J {edit: this is NOT a baby in my tummy... this is a princess from our NICU},
   Do you know how your sweet little spirit has inspired more letters to be written?

Dear Lindsey,
   Thank you for making every single shift I work with you so worth it. You're an incredible nurse and great friend and I adore you.

Dear Kindle app,
   I decided to try you out today for the first time on a $3 book. Best. decision. ever. I didn't think reading on my phone would be so cool. I was wrong.

Dear Baker,
   I'm sorry we had to sit in the vet for 2 hours yesterday. You were such a good boy. Soon your ears will feel better.

Dear Emma,
   Thank you for not tearing up the house while we were gone. You seriously have a heart of gold, sweet bear.

Dear J,
   I love when you laugh, sing with your headphones on, and kiss me every day when you get home. Thanks for choosing me to do your days with.

Dear Jesus,
   You are my strength when I am weak. Your mercies are new every morning. Thank you for being enough.

much love,

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