Friday, February 10, 2012

11 Goals for 2011 -- How'd it go?

{um.... hi. it's me, jordanna. sorry about the absence. i'll get you day 3 soon, carly. i promise.}

Last year, I made this ambitious list of 11 goals to accomplish/work toward. 
So how did I do?
I'm a work in progress. 

1. Spend time with Jesus daily
I've definitely spent a lot of time with Jesus this year. Almost daily, I would say yes. Daily in the Word? Not always. But I've definitely been humbled in some big ways this year and have fallen before the Lord and asked him to build me back up. And he has. In such amazing ways. Always a work in progress. But I'm thankful for my Savior, for who he is and what he has done for me. 
Practically speaking, I've been a part of a few women's Bible studies. First, one continued from 2010. And since September, I have been {unofficially} co-leading {sorta} another women's study led by my friend Amanda. Which has turned out to be such a huge blessing, and has challenged me to really study God's word deeply, as I learned that he is Faithful, Abundant, and True. We've also gotten involved more in our young marrieds' group at church, becoming {unofficially} part of the 'leadership.' {I don't like official titles, so I hesitate to use them}. And I have definitely appreciated and even been brought to tears more than once by God's grace in his creation.

2. Find a job in a hospital
Still working on this. Getting closer. I hit one year of experience in November, which means I'm considered an experienced nurse rather than a new grad. Yay! As far as professional development, I have gained multiple infant and NICU certifications and attended a few professional events. All of this said, I am so thankful to have a job as an RN.

3. Pay off my school loans
Well, there were three... and now there are two. So, one is paid off! Whoo hoo! We definitely paid aggressively for a few months, but have had a few other things come up that our money went towards instead. But, we are still paying and thankful that is not a stressor for us. Truly, school loans are not that big of a deal. :)

4. Put in new carpeting/flooring in our condo
This didn't happen in 2011, but yesterday the carpet guy came to measure and we are planning to order carpet in the next week! SO excited!! It got delayed because we realized we had other projects we wanted to do first before putting in brand new carpet {such as, repainting, scraping popcorn - PRAISE GOD FOR POPCORN-FREE CEILINGS!, re-tiling, adding a mantel, running new electrical, crown molding and new baseboards.... we've been busy}.

5. Work on our marriage and love my husband even deeper than in 2010
This has definitely happened. Probably where the most growth has happened this past year. We attended a little marriage conference back at the beginning of the summer, which was awesome. This summer, we really revisited our marriage and realized we weren't loving each other the way God intended. We have grown individually which of course means we've grown together too in such amazing ways, and I have never been more confident that GOD IS FAITHFUL. And also, I've never loved my husband as deeply as I do today. And I think he would say the same about me. :)

6. Take a few trips [Oregon/Washington, to visit my sister, and to visit S&V]
We did this! Well, my sister trip turned into a sister extravaganza in Palm Springs... but I think that's even funner. ;) She's seriously the BEST. We also visited some of our best friends in Oregon and fell in love with that state. And we visited my brother in law and sister in law in June and had so much fun exploring San Fran and San Jose and seeing their home! They also came to visit in December, and we just have so much fun with them. I love them to pieces.

7. Plan our Italy trip and learn a little Italian
Nothing has been booked, but we are tentatively scheduled for tour de Italy next January 2013 for our five year anniversary. We are so stinking excited! This year will be the year I pull out my Italian phrases book for sure.

8. Try some new [healthy] recipes and make dinner at least three times a week
Well... :) I did make dinner a good amount. There were definitely weeks when I made dinner three times a week and we made some new meals too. We discovered paninis and crostinis... and I'm sure I made some other things too. :) I will get there. My husband has been so affirming of my ability to cook lately so that encourages me to try more new things. :)

9. Spend some time crafting and exploring new crafts
As part of the 3-day experience my mom and I embarked on last year, I made a bunch of cards to sell to help raise money. I had so much fun making cards and hadn't really tried that many before. I'd definitely like to do that more. I also made my mom a 3-day scrapbook that chronicled our journey. I really love paper crafts and have accumulated some awesome cricut cartridges. Currently there is a giant tv on my craft table from our remodel chaos, but one of these days soon I will get all my stuff more organized and make more crafts. I'm excited to try some new crafts for our home. As far as making birthday cards... I only got a few made. I sent about 75% of what I intended to send, so I consider this progress. This year I'm going for 90% (since I already missed one it can't be 100...).

10. Exercise. and Be on Time.
Exercise --- remember that 3-day? Mom and I walked multiple hours every Saturday and Sunday morning for most of the late summer and fall to prepare for the big November 3-day. I definitely have a whole new respect for walkers! It is tough! I recognize the multiple benefits of exercise. Besides, it was so special to have that time with my mom.
Be on time --- I did better. Not perfect... but better. 

I really tried to find my joy in the Lord. Rejoicing in trials is hard. But worth it. Was I gentle? In some ways. Do not be anxious - there were definitely times I was anxious, but I think I was less anxious than I would have been without this verse on my heart. I am re-learning how to pray, with a thankful heart, and not a heart full of requests. I have really disciplined myself to think on excellent and praiseworthy and true things, and to praise the Lord always. And he has given me his peace. Because sanctification is a lifelong process, I don't know if I will ever 'attain' this passage, but I definitely am still praying it becomes more and more true and real and demonstrated in my life. 

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