Tuesday, January 10, 2012

3-Day for the Cure: Day Two

Day Two began at about 5:00AM when Mom and I began to try to get ready. 
Come to find out, it's pretty challenging to do all the prep necessary in a little tent.
Our goal was to leave at 7 with our team for the route.
For some reason, it took us longer than ever to get ready.
At 7:27, we rushed out of our tents to the sound of blowhorns and a lady driving a golfcart yelling 
Needless to say, our poor feet ran us to the beginning of the route and we started at the back of the line.
But hey... we made it and didn't get bussed once!

Despite a crazy morning, it was a wonderful day and
a truly beautiful morning on the bay.

There were typically long lines to take pictures in these little booths, but we caught this one!

Just a few more of our police friends. They really showed themselves to be awesome today.

What quickly became our favorite snack: half bagels with peanut butter!

The 3-day national spokeswoman and our newest hero, Dr. Sheri Phillips!!

After hiking up Narragansett in Point Loma, it was so fun to watch SDPD toilet paper the paramedic girls' ambulance in the rain. They went back and forth all three days :)

But what really made our day was SJPD dancing around us with their radio in the bathroom lines at one of the pit stops. We couldn't stop laughing!

I love Point Loma!!

Ocean Beach!

Greatest surprise: J popped out from behind some random bushes and surprised us on the walk, then walked for a bit with us! Thanks for finding me, honey.

Flowers from a sweet lady after lunch. gerbera daisies = my favorite!

FREE ice cream cones for 3-day walkers from Golden Spoon?!?!? h.e.a.v.e.n.

Steve, Carly, Steve's mom Ellen, and Sammy came to visit us on the Boardwalk in the afternoon. So encouraging to see familiar faces! If only we weren't at the BACK of the line... we coulda visited longer. Unfortunately, the pit stop was closed before we got there, so we had to race to catch up. [how this happened, we still don't know]

Carly speed walked with us for a little bit. We love her!!

Another reminder of God's amazing goodness and creativity: sunset over the Bay

Back at camp: 40 miles down!! Just 20 to go!!

Camp that night was full of laughs with mom. I'm so thankful to have been able to share this experience with her. It wouldn't have been the same without her.

Stay tuned... day three and the big finale!!

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