Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To remember our sweet Casey

This past Saturday, after thirteen wonderful and special years, my family had to make the awful decision to put our sweet Casey puppy down. 

We got Casey when I was in 6th grade. She was my sister's puppy. Carly named her and claimed her from the start. Casey brought joy to our home from day one - even in her puppy years of chew chew chewing everything in sight :). Crazy labradors :). 

Casey always wanted to be in the same room as everyone. As long as everyone could hang out together, she was happy as could be. She loved her life and everything in it. She loved looking out the front screen door. She was the guard dog of the house, always alerting of strangers. [Although she'd never harm a soul, we didn't tell the strangers that]. In the midst of all types of medical challenges, Casey always had a smile for us.

There's something about a dog. Animals truly change a home. They love you no matter what. They kiss your tears and share in your excitement. Animals are the best, and Casey was no exception.

We love you, pretty girl. Thanks for changing our lives with your sweet heart.

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