Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear J,

Thank you for showing your love for me in a new way by pumping my gas at the gas station. I feel so special! I'm pretty sure my love language has shifted to acts of service, so this speaks love, baby! :)

Thanks for our Jamba, mexican and Michaels trip yesterday. I love that you trail behind me while I roam the aisles and amuse me by telling me which pad of paper you think is cutest when I ask. :)

Thanks for complimenting my first homemade pizza on our new pizza stone, and for having a Sees with me afterwards. And thanks for the shopping trip to get the Sees, which always comes with a Target run.

Thanks for loving me and our sweet little puppies. You feed them every morning, and it helps me so much! And thank you for waking up early with me ALL week long, taking the dogs out, and having breakfast with me. I love having mornings with you! I know you hate them, but I appreciate that you do it because I love them. The pups love it too :).

Thank you for your cuteness and your text messages and always answering your phone when I call you at work, just to say hi. You know I like those two minutes of connection, so thanks for never rushing me off the phone. Unless you have to, of course. :)

Thank you for being my life partner, my best friend, and my complaints department when my poor sissy calls sick of school and I can't talk to her. I love you with all my heart!

To the moon and back,

your J

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  1. Oooh - yum pizza AND candy. The pizza looks delish.