Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorites from 2010

A Few 2010 Favorites
[with no particular numbering system and in no particular order]

3. Santa Barbara getaway and conversations about our future together

4. Sam and Valinda's wedding and gaining a fun sister-in-law

5. Getting our little Baker and watching Emma bloom into a big girl and Baker's best friend

6. 'Remodeling' our 2nd bedroom and celebrating two years of condo ownership

8. Tea times and coffee dates with special ladies in my life

9. Joining YMC and making some special friends

10. Spending a year with wonderful ladies in our Bible study

11. J's job switch to be closer to home, and new leadership in our HOA

12. Our first camping trip

13. Fun fall festivities

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  1. I love this blog. I wished I had done this every year. I can't believe you guys have been married almost 3 years. Corey and I will be married 10 in May. LIFE Flies. I think you should keep this as a tradition every year. I think I might steal it. =) (I LOVED your Christmas card...SO CUTE). I hope you guys have a great new year.