Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bridge to Walmart

You might be a Walmart shopper when:

 - your kid takes bites out of the pool noodles in your cart and makes this adorable face while doing so, so you say, eh if it makes her happy...

 - your other kid opens the package of forks you're buying and puts them in her mouth, and you just throw the packaging on the counter like it ain't no thing when you buy them

 - you follow the lady with the price stickers through the kids' clothes and scramble to grab everything she is marking down to $1.00 {seriously, bathing suits and jammies for $1?! we'll take two of each!}

 - your kid takes bites out of the apple you just put in the cart to buy

 - you get crazy excited when the kiddie pool you came in to buy is marked down from $8 to $5

 - you begin telling your life story to the checker at Target in response to a comment she makes about items you're purchasing only to find she isn't listening and your story isn't really making sense and you think, I sound like a crazy person

 - you're wearing sweatpants and a ponytail pushing your cart with one hand while one kid sits in the cart emptying your diaper bag and the other cries on your hip

 - you realize you are THAT person that used to make you cringe... you are one of the people of Walmart... and turns out, the people of Walmart are just ordinary people trying to do life slightly cheaper {and wiser}

I can't believe it. At this stage in my life, Walmart may just be the best place for me.

Next thing you know, I'll be driving a minivan. {just kidding!!}

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  1. Haha! This is awesome! I love it and so TRUE! That's how I feel about Costco and TJMaxx. :P