Monday, December 1, 2014

Eight Months of Twinsies

Today Maddie and Rachel are EIGHT MONTHS OLD!
How are they already 8 months??
Goodness. Stop growing already, girlies!

Not really though. These girls steal our hearts more and more each day.

 {Maddie is holding Rachel on the couch because Rachie sure wanted to crawl right off it! hehe}
Those numbers made it about 2 minutes before the girls began ripping them off!
my Aunt Sylvia made them these cute dresses!

Maddie is a speedy little crawler and spends the majority of her days standing along the couch and going up down up down. ;) She loves Emma, dinner time (fruit is her favorite, but she's not too picky!), being tickled, and climbing up me. She has the best hearty laugh, and doesn't hand it out easily, but if you can get her to laugh, it's priceless. Daddy can get her to laugh better than most by pretty much doing anything. :) She loves playing with her rings {and banging them along Luigi's cage...yikes!}, her leap frog table, and currently her carseat. Oh, and she loves puffs. Her baby einstein singing toy calms her down every time {miracle toy, seriously}. She is climbing everywhere and stands up for everything... diaper changes, baths... she keeps me busy! She rediscovered her tongue so enjoys sticking it out! Oh and of course she adores her sister. Most nap times, I find her standing talking to/watching Rachel and am constantly having to lie her down. Maddie is full of joy and spunk, and I love watching her grow and discover the world and what she likes. 

Rachel has become quite the dancer. While Maddie stands and kneels, Rachel dances... constantly! She dances on cue, whenever music comes on, when she likes what she's eating {hello puffs!}, and whenever else she feels like it, which is often. She also makes quite the scrunchy face and pulls it out of her hat often when frustrated, but also when she wants a laugh. She has such a strong little voice and is starting to really put sounds together to make more of a language with her words. When she talks, it makes sense. And she says "mom mom mom mom"... pretty much adorable. She loves kisses and being with Maddie. Current favorite toys include her stacking cups, leap frog table, and her carseat. Oh, she also loves puffs. {those things are like candy to them! amazing little crackers}. She has the sweetest laugh and her smile is priceless. She especially loves to smile at Daddy and laugh when he dances for her. She loves music and playing piano with Daddy. Rachel is so content and happy, and I am enjoying watching her explore the world alongside Maddie.

 {watching Daddy!}

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