Friday, July 11, 2014

This Moment and That Moment: Chronicles of a Twin Mom

This morning we had this precious series of moments...

Rachel and Maddie slept until six this morning (as in, all night!!) and woke up in cute moods. After breakfast and diapers, since it was still only 7am, they got to stay in their jammies. We pulled out some books and read together. Which they enjoyed [read: didn't cry through]. Then we hung out in the living room together and the girls played on their playmat [while holding hands] while mommy had coffee and toast with nutella [let's face it, that stuff is ah-ma-zing]. When a few tears and sleepy faces came, babies got swaddled up and happily went into their swings for their morning naps.

I'm so thankful for those moments. I'm so thankful for this morning.

Then this afternoon we had another series of moments...

Maddie and Rachel took super long naps and woke up pretty happy, so I thought, let's go to Target! [because that's a natural thought for a mom of twins to have, of course, and because I love it there, and because it's a walk, and it's air conditioned...]. Maddie got mad on the way there, so when we got there I put her in the carrier and Rachel in the cart in her carseat. There were some Maddie tears, but we worked through them with movement plus nukky. We were doing good so I headed to the food department for some drinks [because it's hot and we're thirsty]. Except, while I'm trying to find the aisle, Rachel gets the hiccups [darn those hiccups!!!] and freaks out. Starts yelling and then crying loudly. So finally I still can't find the drink aisle, so I say forget it. Let's get to the checkout. On the way I see an end aisle with double stuff oreos so I grab a bag as we're moving as a future reward for after we are home and babies are sleeping. We have to go in the elevator with another lady who's looking at me the whole time like, why is your baby crying in her carseat and you aren't holding her!!! So I start talking and say 'she [Maddie] was upset and now they switched, that's why they're in these positions.' And then run move quickly out of the elevator to the check out. Where I find one register open and a line. Of course. So we stand in line. I considered abandoning our stuff but then would get looks for doing THAT, so just stood there and made major failed attempts to console Rachel. At which point Maddie woke up and decided to join in on the fun.  Here arrives the two sister grandmas behind me who turn out to both have three sets of twin grandbabies. They are chitchatting about their twins and telling me I'm doing a good job and ask if I want them to push the cart back and forth for Rachel. [which I'm already doing]. I tell them she got the hiccups which made her upset. Thankful for those grandmas. Others are looking at me so I start telling the same story I told the elevator lady, because I know these one-baby ladies are looking from me to Maddie to Rachel thinking, 'just get your baby out of the carseat lady and hold her!' And I'm like, 'you don't have twins.' Then another Target lady opens the register next to us, and what do you know but the twin grandmas disappear and go to the front of that register! um, hello, I'm in front of you with crying babies. But that's ok, go ahead. So then another lady opens her register so I run over there. Right then they both stop crying. And suddenly Target is really quiet. And the second register lady says "well now it's quiet!" So I say, 'yah that tends to happen when a baby stops crying.' [i mean, come on. I obviously felt bad she was crying.]. This whole time I am not stressed because babies cry. I just feel bad for Rachel but I know it's only another five minutes and she will be fine. I'm just moving quickly. Finally we finish and run move quickly to the car. There are a few tears involved but the girls are ok and we are going home. Rachel falls asleep in her carseat and transfers to her bed easily [for 20 minutes... then she had to move to her swing because she woke up]. Maddie is happy as long as I'm doing stand-ups with her... the girl loves to stand! After awhile both babies are sleeping happily in their swings [as I type this Maddie opens her eyes] and so I think, oreos and milk time! I go to the frig only to discover we needed milk. Oh yah, milk was on the drink list and I didn't get the drinks.

Ah, good times. 
I love real mom stories.

Thankful for:
Maddie smiles and Rachel smiles
books that entertain babies
adventures to add to my story list
two baby swings that my babies like
little hands that like to hold onto each other
fellow twin grandmas that tell me i'm doing a good job
ladies that open new register lines
adorable babies that I get to love and adore regardless of whether they are smiling or crying
good moments and bad moments and crazy moments and funny moments. and the moments that are all of the above.

So this is the point when I would re-read this to see if it makes sense, add more to that thankful list, and make a nice summary statement about how I'm thankful for every kind of moment because they are all special and they together make up real life. 
But my baby is crying and saying, mommy enough, they get it, come get me now.
So, I'll choose this moment of picking up my baby instead of this summary. :)

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