Friday, June 6, 2014

All About Madelyn: 2 months

She smiles! Lots! And it is the sweetest thing ever! She's now smiled at Mommy, Daddy, her four grandparents, Auntie Carly, Great Grandma Carol, and a few ladies at our friend's graduation party.

She is so social! She doesn't like to miss anything and will cry from exhaustion when we're out and about rather than closing her eyes just so she doesn't miss something.

She likes worship music.

She is a much happier baby since she got her Zantac for her reflux. I feel bad she went a few weeks without it, but am so thankful it's helped her over the last couple weeks! I'm such a fan.

She's starting to get a little jealous if Rachel is being talked to and she feels left out. She likes to be the center of attention! :-)

She likes to watch and reach out to her sister.

She can see across the room and she makes incredible eye contact. I think part of it has to do with the fact that she likes the camera!

She likes to stand! Such a strong baby girl!

She loves the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow."

She loves the combo of her glider swing (#4 speed), swaddle, and new avent nukky from Auntie Carly.

She loves baths. She calms down as soon as we start our bedtime routine beginning with baths every night.

She loves her grandparents and she loves when Grandpa Steve sings to her. She thinks he's so funny.

Sometimes she just needs her mommy and daddy. [we have the best job in the world that we are those people!]

I love my Madelyn so very much and I love watching her discover her little personality!

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